Trustmypaper is a writing service with a head office in Cyprus. The homepage of the site resembles more a statistic platform than a writing service company. Let’s check out some quick advantages and disadvantages of the service in this review. 


  • price calculation form on the homepage of the site


  • high prices 
  • to get a discount, you need to negotiate
  • unclear and non-beneficial guarantees for customers
  • mistakes in papers
  • many negative Trustmypaper Reddit reviews

TrustMyPaper Services

On the site, you can find a huge list of services that the company provides but that’s just an illusion. These are the type of papers that you can order here. If we are talking about the types of services, then it is academic writing, editing, copywriting, and resume writing. Actually, everything that one may need, the only question “Is trustmypaper good at providing these services?” I’ll find it out! 

Prices and Discounts

If you are ready to wait for 14 days, then the price per page seems quite reasonable - $13. Yes, that is a bit more than on average, but still acceptable. Nevertheless, if your deadline is shorter than 7 days, you’ll be surprised to find out that one page of a simple essay may cost up to $20. I am not talking yet about the really urgent papers within 12 hours. In this case, you will pay $30-40 per page. I note again that it is a high school essay. 

If you are looking for a TrustMyPaper discount code, you won’t find it on the site. The only way to get it is to contact the customer support and negotiate this issue. Depending on your order complexity, they will give you a bigger or smaller price reduction. You can also subscribe to receive a new Trust Paper promo code once it becomes available. Another way to reduce the cost of the paper is to become their loyal customer and receive constant 5% off after you ordered 15 pages or paid $399. The size of the discount will increase if you order more, but the maximum is 15% off. 

Papers Quality

Mistakes. That’s what I can say about the quality of the paper that I received from TrustMyPaper. I saw a lot of positive Trust My Paper reviews on the Internet, but it seems that I should listen to those negative ones because I got exactly the same bad paper that other clients were writing about. I tried to get a refund, but they assured me that a small revision will fix everything. I trusted them again and that was my mistake...again. There were a few improvements, but in general the paper was still of bad quality. The further disputes gave nothing but the endless promises to fix everything in the next revision. Even after their third attempt to improve my paper, it didn’t become much better. They didn’t give me a refund either. 

Customer Support

You can choose one out of three methods of communication, but I prefer a live chat. It is a fast and simple way to get the answers to all questions that you have. However, in case of TrustMypaper, I didn’t receive a fast reply. For each question that I addressed to the agent, I had to wait for about 3-5 minutes. Even such a simple request as “Can you give me TrustMyPaper coupon?” took a lot of time to him to answer. 


TrustMyPaper refund policy is not difficult to find, it is in the bottom of the site. On this page, the company describes only three cases when refund is possible - Order Cancellation, Late Delivery, and Bad Quality. 

In case of late delivery, you can expect 7% compensation at best but if it is a long-term order. What about short-term orders? It is said nothing about them. 

The bad quality cases are even more interesting and I recommend you to read the following information very carefully.

First of all, if you got a paper of really bad quality don’t give them a second chance sending a paper for revision. If they fail to make the necessary improvements and you decide to request a refund, then you will get no more than 70% of the initial sum that you paid for your order. 

If you got, let’s say a C for the paper written by TrustMyPaper, you won’t get any compensation since “bad grades as reasons for compensation”. Moreover, you need to attach the Turnitin report in case you consider there are issues with plagiarism. However, shouldn’t the company check each paper via a plagiarism detection tool and they must already have such a report? If they don’t have or don’t use Turnitin for plagiarism checking, then how can TrustMyPaper guarantee that the paper is original? Think about it. 


Is trust my paper legit? After examining their refund policy I cannot say so, though at first, they seemed promising. Actually, I can’t recommend this service and now I understand all the negative reviews you can find on them on the internet are true, alas. Lots of mistakes in a paper and a money back guarantee that guarantees you nothing you would like to get.