At first glance, MyAssignmentHelp seems like a trustworthy company, despite their claims of providing free assistance and offering 25% off in the same pop-up window. The company has been around long enough and provides academic services across a dozen countries, including the UK, US, Australia, India, Canada, Jordan, and more.

In this MyAssignmentHelp review, I’ll cover my experience with the website and share a few essential things you should keep in mind if you ever decide to deal with them.


  • Friendly and helpful support agents make up for the awkward ordering process
  • The company has a decent reputation among college students


  • Obviously fake reviews posted on the website make it hard to trust the company
  • Complicated order process and an unclear pricing policy raise lots of questions
  • There is no way to get a refund, even if you receive a failing grade
  • The pop-ups are incredibly annoying and accost you on every page

MyAssignmentHelp Services

Academic writing is at the core of the company’s offers. You can order any type of paper from a standard 5-paragraph essay to a Ph.D. thesis. MyAssignmentHelp tutors can assist with a variety of subjects, including Programming, Humanities, and hard sciences. Moreover, there’s a proofreading service that can take any paper you write to the next level. An advanced plagiarism check is also an option. 

Prices and Discounts

It took me no less than 30 minutes to learn the cost from the support agent I was talking to. There is no handy price calculator to let you know how much you’ll have to pay. The order process wasted too much of my time to be worth all the glowing My Assignment Help reviews.

In the end, the price was a lot higher than expected. I had to pay over 70 AUD for a 3-page essay on a two-week deadline. However, I got a $20 credit when placing the order, so that helped a lot. The company also offered a 25% discount for my first order. I couldn’t locate loyalty program conditions, though the company was eager to get more of my money. 

Even after getting the paper, I still have no idea how they come up with “the best offer”, so I can’t say for sure how much you’ll have to pay. 

Papers Quality

When you went looking for My Assignment Help Australia review, this was what you wanted to know. So is MyAssignmentHelp legit? 

The essay I got was passable, but far from perfect. Despite the detailed instructions I provided, the writer ignored reliable sources and went with blog posts and Wikipedia entries to support their arguments. The two weeks were also not enough for a thorough spell-check, and my essay was riddled with multiple errors and typos. The result got me a C, and I couldn’t even claim my money back.

Customer Support

I get MyAssignmentHelp reviews that praise their tutors’ and support agents’ work ethics. Still, I felt fed up with the live chat after 10 minutes of repetitive questions and empty promises. I know I was talking to a human agent, but at times I felt like there was a bot on the other side, mocking and judging me. Overall, the experience was friendly but painfully drawn out and pointless.


Whatever I think about MyAssignmentHelp, scam it is not. However, the fine print of their Revision and Refund Policy raised lots of questions for me. For instance, the company only refunds papers that get failing grades if they receive 49.99% or below. Still, many schools set failing rates at 50%, 60%, or 70%. Moreover, you can’t even get your money back if they fail to find a tutor for you. Instead, the company offers to complete the next order for you for free, if it’s the same value. Convenient, right?