GoNerdify.com review


If you are looking for some Nerdify reviews, I’ve prepared one for you basing on my personal experience and analysis I usually conduct when reviewing such services. The company’s site is gonerdify.com, which is a rather pleasantly-looking modern website with perfect colors combination. 

But overall, the site isn’t that well-structured as long as there are 2 links with different anchors that lead to the same page. It is really confusing and I would recommend them to make a homepage look like a homepage instead of mixing it with the page for students. 


  • modern site


  • no services list
  • hidden prices
  • fake benefits
  • poor quality
  • unclear refund policy
  • no Nerdify reviews Reddit

Nerdify Services

Surfing the site for 10 minutes, I finally understood there are no chances to find a list of services the company provides. There is just no list at all. They just claim they do… anything. I truly don’t understand this approach, and why the hell I cannot see the list of services I can get from the site. I believe that only illegal companies have something to hide. Asking myself - Is Nerdify illegal? - I really have to think before answering because I have certain doubts regarding its legacy now.

Prices and Discounts

Nerdify prices are even more mysterious than Kenny in the South Park series. You really have to move your body to get to know the costs. And just look how they dish up the simple facts in a beneficial form. It’s free to text us - they say. Mmm, okay. So, where’s the benefit? I would say the company had to be burnt down if they charged for texting them. We will send you exact price and agree it with you BEFORE we charge you - OH MY GOD! They’re killing me with their kindness! It looks like a cruel joke, but I understand they’re seriously saying these 2 points are benefits… By the way, if you’re looking for Nerdify coupons, don’t be that insolent! They’re allowing you to text them for free. What else could you ask for? Forget coupons, they don’t have any.

Papers Quality

To check up the quality of the paper, I ordered one for editing. And you know, I didn’t find quality. Seems like it was proofread by someone who’s not a native English speaker. Numerous mistakes remained unedited. Moreover, their editor added me some new mistakes lol. In fact, I’m not surprised. The texts they placed on their site are also not written professionally. If they were written by an academic writer, there would be ‘they’ instead of ‘he’. If I type just 2 words “nerdify cheating”, will you complete a sentence with them?

Customer Support

There are only 2 ways to get in touch with the company - you either leave them your phone number and wait for whoever knows how long or you text them via Facebook messenger. While the first way is really inconvenient, the second alternative seems really unserious. No email address, no phone number. A so-called angel in disguise that comes and saves a poor student from their homework. Is Gonerdify legit at all? 


Is Nerdify safe? Let’s see what they guarantee. The company doesn’t list circumstances under which they can refund your money. In reality, it means any situation you get back to them with can be considered as a non-refundable issue. Moreover, your request will be reviewed within 3-5 business days, which too long, plus minimum 1 day to redo the task. As for me, there are no guarantees at Nerdify. 


Considering all the cons and not even a single significant pro, I would definitely not recommend using Nerdify services. I tried to find Gonerdify reviews using the query ‘nerdify reddit’ and found nothing. Too many things point at this service’s unreliability.